Manicure & Nails

Total Beauty Salon takes a great pride of providing full nails services like Manicure, Nail Repair, Gel Polish. All the services are served along with the top-high quality products and materials to ensure your nail beauty and health. You will feel easy to choose the services you need most at the very decent prices. Sanitation is also guaranteed at our salon; all the instruments are disinfected right after being used.


Mashine Manicure              =450 czk

Gel-lac polish + Manicure  =850 czk

SPA Manicure                      =550 czk

Manicure for man               =450 czk

French polish + Manicure =1150 czk


Parafin SPA                          =250 czk

Akril poudr                           =200 czk

Nail decor                  from 20czk/nail

Gel-lak polish only                 =350 czk


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